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Federal Government




BIASC works with the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) to develop, shape, monitor and advocate for federal legislation and regulations.


Critical Federal/National Issues That Threaten Our Industry:

* Tax Reform

* Immigration Reform

* Mortgage Interest Deduction


BIASC continues to take guidance and offer any and all support to NAHB as we all work together to protect the industry from issues such as those listed above and many more.


BIASC travels to Washington, DC every spring to educate their representatives in the House and Senate on important housing legislation and to thank them for their support in building homes for America’s families.


BIASC often works in broad, multi-industry coalitions to propose or halt any legislation that may help or hurt the business community as a whole.


BIASC works hard to provide strong local support of and input in NAHB’s national framework. BIASC maintains an active national presence regarding critical national issues such as endangered species, wetlands, water quality, water supply and immigration/labor issues.


NAHB is BIASC’s day-to-day advocate to the federal government. NAHB is active in all federal legislative and regulatory issues affecting the building industry.


For more information on NAHB and its programs, please visit or contact Communications and Political Affairs Specialist Karissa Willette at or  949-777-3859.